Our Approach


We are a 360 degree studio incorporating fashion design with photography and more! To bring diyamante out to the world we ensure that all our creative work is done holistic in our home-grown studios which are open to like-minded designers and artists.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


The Values


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We want to unite and empower individuals who are passionate about fashion and style, by showcasing their talents on a global stage.


Believe It

We design to inspire and be free of any confines. Our work is made to move with beyond the trends and times, never to be lost among others.


Live It

We strive to be recognized for our creative eye and flair for different looks. We create outfits that are beautiful in their own special way, always.

Our Story


The beginning

A long term goal of one ambitious entrepreneur was brought to life with the help of a like-minded business woman. Together Diyamante came together in Sri Lanka and grew to reach out to different regions across the globe

Our style

After starting out with Office Wear, Diyamante has since branched out to include a variety of categories including sports wear, casual wear and more.

The Future

From Sri Lanka to the world, Diyamante is now making steps to conquer international markets such as Pakistan, Dubai, Australia and many more.

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